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Member Profile - Seerx

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Len Andrusiak knows the importance networking plays in building a future. The success of his business, Seerx Technologies, is based on building positive relationships with other companies as he and his partner, Lucas Candia, assist emerging and established businesses in information technology. 

One of the first relationships he built was with the Manitoba Marketing Network, even before Seerx was incorporated in 1999. “In the early ’90s,” Andrusiak says, “I had an idea to invent a new type of sponge hockey puck. I was playing with the idea of what was needed for manufacturing and marketing when I saw an ad in the newspaper for MMN seminars, so I went.”

Even though the puck plan eventually “fizzled out,” Andrusiak found the MMN seminars on advertising and marketing beneficial and affordable. When he was ready to start his IT business, he knew where to go for advice. “I kept in touch with the network so when we were starting Seerx, I went to another seminar, and they gave positive feedback on some of the issues we might have to face and on what we needed to concentrate on.”

What Andrusiak and Candia concentrated on was building strong relationships with other businesses, including Dell Computers, of which Seerx is a reseller, and Videon, the local cable provider eventually purchased by Shaw. When Seerx began operations in January, 2000, the company planned to help small and medium businesses adapt to IT, but they had no client base so the relationship with Videon was formed and nurtured.

Seerx installed high-speed Internet for Videon’s residential customers. The relationship continued to grow when Videon was purchased by Shaw in 2001 and Seerx grew to employ 36 people. Then Shaw decided to go with in-house operations rather than contract work and Seerx was in trouble.

“We had to lay off 26 people,” Andrusiak says, “and we only had an hour-and-a-half notice.” But, thanks to good networking, Seerx was able to continue operations despite losing their biggest client. “While we were doing contract work with Shaw, we had also been building our own clientele.”

Today, Seerx is involved with over 200 companies, assisting with Internet and Intranet communications, and has been chosen as a participant in the City of Winnipeg’s entrepreneurial pilot project, Smart Winnipeg, and its high-tech initiative, Cyber Village. Not only has business grown, but Andrusiak’s relationship with MMN has as well.

“As Seerx became more successful,” Andrusiak explains, “I called Gord (MMN Executive Director Gord Kraemer) and said, “I think your program is valuable and what you’re doing is beneficial for entrepreneurs in our community.’ I told him that if there was ever an opportunity for me to give something back, I would love to do it.”

Last year, MMN offered Andrusiak a position on its board. “The network is great for young business people or established business people looking for a change,” Andrusiak says. “Now I have a chance to give back to the community that helped me.”