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A Winnipeg ‘Clean Sweep’

Does your home or office need a “Spacelift?” Penni Rae Ozuj, owner of One Space at a Time, can take on your decorating and organizing challenges with her space facilitation service.

Ozuk opened One Space at a Time in 1999 with the slogan, “Makes your space work for you.” It was her first time running her own business, though she has been working in the field for 20 years.

“At the time, there were only one or two companies in the city doing what I do,” she says, “and there have been up to seven since.” However, most of them have come and gone.

Somehow, One Space at a Time has been able to run successfully since its inception, possibly because of Ozuk’s education and expertise in the area. Having degrees from the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg, Ozuk has been trained in family therapy and facilitation, space planning, interior decorating, and feng shui. Once she decided to open her own business, she sought to learn more about business from the Manitoba Marketing Network “My first impression (of MMN) was shock,” she says. “Here was a wonderful resource that could be accessed by anyone at either no charge or at extremely reasonable rates.”

Since starting One Space at a Time, Ozuk has been involved with several one-on-one sessions with MMN, including financial, business planning, advertising and promotion and, most recently, publishing. “As a new entrepreneur, and especially a home-based one, isolation can be very dangerous,” she says. “Knowing that the resource is a phone call away goes a long way to alleviating that risk.”

Among the services she offers at One Space at a Time: finding the proper placement for furniture and accessories, choosing colours to complement style, making use of storage space, shopping, personal follow-ups, donating items, removing garbage, and shredding documents. She also hosts seminars and is the author of Moving Made Easy: The Winnipeggers’ Guide to Moving and Downsizing Your Space.

Ozuk says her goal is to help people be active participants in their own lives, and the key to that is energy. “The best way to get energized is to get organized,” she says.