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Member - Ted Ridge

Chairman - Valaire of Canada

Ted joined the Canadian Army in September, 1939 and went overseas in December of the same year. He served In England, France and Italy and returned to Canada in July, 1945. His rank at the time of discharge was Sergeant Major.

The following month of August, 1945, he joined Canadian Fairbanks Morse Company, Ltd., who at that time was one of the largest manufacturers and distributors in Canada. They manufactured diesel engines for the railway locomotives, and some of the Canadian navy ships, plus diesel engines for other purposes. In addition to this they manufactured scales for use in grain elevators, trucking industry, warehouse and personal home use. They manufactured a complete heating equipment line for the consumer industry and they were one of the original manufacturers for coal stokers for use in industry and domestic purposes. They also manufactured a complete electrical and automotive equipment and a full line of appliances. When he left the company his position was vice president of marketing for western Canada.

In 1966 he joined the Canadian Admiral Corporation as their western regional manager. Colour T.V. had just come on the market and everyone wanted one. (What a time!) Their factory in Port Credit, Ontario was working three shifts to take care of their needs. He says again, WHAT A TIME!!!

In 1971 he did what he had always wanted to do, started his own company. After two false starts, he was successful in starting up a company, Valaire Canada Ltd., which is still in business today. To get the products that he felt he needed he traveled to Switzerland, Germany, Holland, England, plus Taiwan and Hong Kong. Products which he imported were in most cases repackaged and sold throughout Canada and parts of the United States. In the beginning there was one employee (himself) and when he turned the company over to his son in 1980 they had 25 employees. During this time he invented several consumer items, two of which have sold quite successfully. In fact one of these items is still being sold in great numbers in Canada and the United States.

He joined West Winnipeg Rotary Club in 1963 and was immediately placed in a number of committees, and in 1967 he became president of the club. he is a Paul Harris Fellow. He has been involved over the last number of years with Rotary in eliminating polio in the world which has been successfully accomplished except four holdout countries, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Nigeria. These are being dealt with at the present time and hopefully polio will be eliminated in these four countries.

He, along with others was instrumental in starting up the Manitoba Marketing Network which has been operating successfully for over 25 years. He is an active member of the Probus Club. He is a member of the Council of Canadians and the councils Citizens' Agenda Fund, Partners for a Caring Canada. He has always been interested in politics, primarily Canadian and the U.S. and he has had the privilege of participating in three Canadian Federal Leadership conventions.

At the present time he is involved in another consumer invention but who knows how it will go?


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