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Counselling - FAQ

How does the Manitoba Marketing Network, differ from other sources of consulting advice?

The Manitoba Marketing Network, is made up primarily of entrepreneurs and business executives who are currently active in running successful businesses. They are not consultants by profession, but are successful business practitioners.

How will the Manitoba Marketing Network, provide its service to small business?

The Manitoba Marketing Network will try to match your company's needs for marketing advice with the practical business experience available within the Network. This will provide access to qualified persons currently involved in a related or complementary business area.

Will members of the Manitoba Marketing Network, suggest what I should try to make or sell, or what kind of business I should go into?

No. However, they will offer the benefit of their own knowledge and experience in assessing your business planning and in offering suggestions as to how it might be improved upon. To ensure productive consultation, your business planning, problems and questions should be as pre-defined and specific as possible.

Will my proposal be treated in confidence?

The Manitoba Marketing Network will protect all proposals and plans as any other professional organization would. The Manitoba Marketing Network is made up of highly respected business executives with established personal integrity.

Is there any charge for the services offered by the Manitoba Marketing Network?

No. However, persons receiving marketing assistance may be called upon to share some of their own experience with other non competing small business in the future.

Does the Manitoba Marketing Network see itself as replacing other sources of consulting advice?

No. The Manitoba Marketing Network sees its role as being complementary to existing firms and consultants.