As a result of funding cuts from the province of Manitoba, The Manitoba Marketing Network has put on hold the mentorship program. We are however still offering counseling to a selected number of businesses who have been attending workshops and seminars on a regular basis.


Business counseling is designed to teach the entrepreneur critical lessons of accountability, planning and following through on commitments. The entrepreneur will be required to complete activities at the end of each session and submit the required information to the coach in advance of the next meeting. Our goal is to create a motivational, content-relevant learning experience.


  1. Business plan: One step is to determine if you have a business plan. If not, the MMN staff will email you the MMN Business Template to begin working on for your 2nd meeting. The MMN staff are there to support you as you build your business plan.
  2. Vision: The next step is to have you discuss your vision for the business including needs/requirements to reach your goal(s). The MMN staff will request your vision be documented and provided at your next meeting. 
  3. Responsibilities: It is also an important step to discuss your operational and management responsibilities. You will be asked to document your responsibilities and provide a list of them at the next meeting. This segment is designed to identify the core skills and responsibilities you have and to identify the skill gaps not currently being filled for your business.
  4. Assessment and Action Plan: The goal of this step is to assess your skill set and determine 3 – 5 key needs / activities to be implemented towards achieving business success. If time permits, you will begin providing guidance in the areas of your expertise. This may be as simple as completing your business plan, identifying your target market, hiring a key staff member or getting your books in order.